Thursday, September 13, 2007

Little birds collide with windows

  • Here is the collision tally by species for the spring 2007 as reported by Project Safe Flight

    The overall number of species collected by Project Safe Flight Volunteers reached 30 and the top five species found this spring 2007 are:

    Ovenbird 13 Collisions


    Black-and-White Warbler 9 Collisions


    White-throated Sparrow 8 Collisions


    American Woodcock 5 Collisions


    The three following species are tied for the fifth position with three collisions each:

    Blue Jay -

  • Common Yellowthroat -

  • Northern Waterthrush -

Below is a juvenile belted kingfisher that was found. It was injured rather than killed. Photo Doug Backlund.

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